Enjoy Late Autumn in Iwate (town)

Enjoy an Italian dinner made with local ingredients paired with wine from the adjacent town, Kuzumaki, in a traditional old mansion rich in culture and history. The plan for the following day is to visit sites including a dairy farm, a factory, and local areas of cultural and historical importance in Iwate-machi, to learn about the high quality of food produced here. Enjoy parts of Iwate you would never normally be able to experience.

November 16, 2019 (SAT)

  • 14:30Meet up at Ozanso in Iwato-machi

  • Explore the interior of a historical old Japanese house

  • Tea time

    Enjoy a special traditional Japanese sweet item with matcha green tea at the Ozanso manor
  • Watch a live performance of traditional Italian ballads

    Singer (Yasutaka Shibata)
  • Enjoy a performance usually only seen in the fall festival

  • Dinner time

    Welcome an Italian chef from Iwate and Kuzumaki wine producers, and enjoy pairings of the Italian cuisine and wine
  • 20:30Stay at Hotel Okunakayama Kogen in Ichinohe

November 17, 2019 (SUN)

  • 9:00Visit Mido Kannon, the source of the Kitakami River

  • Visit Happy Hill Farm, a dairy farm and try a milking activity

  • Explore the history of the town

    Visit a public call called Yoriju, and see the Wakuwaku Salon Joi
  • 12:00Lunch at Kuragozen Rakumaru

    Enjoy local cuisine made with soba noodles
  • Tour of the Kikuchi Farm and a factory visit

  • Visited a site related to Keiko Sonoi

  • Visit Niku no Fugane’s Kawaguchi Factory

  • 17:20End tour at JR Iwate-Numakunai Station

Co-sponsored: Aurora J5