about AURORA J5

about AURORA J5

The name Aurora J5 is from Italian. Aurora is the name of a Goddess who brought the hope of the first light of dawn. The “J” signifies Japan and Junction, and the number 5 refers to the number of founding members.
We are striving to use our convenient location on a shinkansen line to the greatest extent possible and share this fantastic area of Japan with the world through activities, homestays, and local products as we discover a new perspective in appreciating the town’s industry, history, culture, and arts with all of our senses.



7-21 Numakunai, Iwate


Runs Kuragozen Rakumaru and Wakuwaku Salon Joi. Provides a place to enjoy the culture and history of the town. Recommended as a base for your explorations of the area on foot.


Kikuchi Farm

1-256 Ikkatai, Iwate


This farm spans 125 hectares. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the pasture where their grass-fed cows graze. The additive-free meat is made into sausages by hand using a technique that the owner learned in Germany. The non-homogenized milk is pasteurized at a low temperature before being bottled and sold.

Try your hand at making sausages without additives here!


Happy Hill Farm

4-91-74 Tsuchisawa, Iwate


This large dairy farm is home to 280 cows. The roughly 100 hectare farm area is used to grow high quality coarse feed for the cows, which grow healthy and strong from their nutritious diet, providing high-quality milk

Try milking cows and learn about the farm!


Niku no Fugane

Main Office: 7-23 Numakunai, Iwate / Kawaguchi Factory Branch: 5-9-1 Kawaguchi, Iwate

0195‐62‐2403 (Main Office)/0195-68-7383 (Kawaguchi Factory)

Niku no Fugane is the only place in Japan to make additive-free cured unheated Cecina beef products using Japanese shorthorn cattle in Iwate. These shorthorn cows are raised on high quality feed here in Iwate.

Try your hand at preparing a dish using beef from shorthorn cows.


L’Atelier Inc.

2-7-9 Numakunai, Iwate

A local business devoted to promoting and sharing the subtle charm of Tohoku, focusing on Iwate (town) so that people can experience the rich and varied appeal of the area with all their senses. We are developing tourism that expresses the lesser known history and culture of Tohoku and food events that utilize the farms and old houses in the area.